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At the heart of Nayland our village store is run by the community, for the community. More information to follow.

The Nayland Community Store Ltd (NCSL) is delighted to report that, after a successful interview with Mr Alan Lusher of the Post Office on 14 December, we have been offered a contract to take over Nayland Post Office. Mr Lusher was very welcoming and grateful for our application. We are creating precedent with the Post Office and some legal decisions had to be taken by their most senior lawyer at Board level. This is a huge step forward in our plans.

We have scoped out next steps but, crucially, timing is not in our control. For example, completion of due diligence on the existing Post Office business relies on timely replies from Mrs Ford and her solicitors; the Post Office has a ten week project preparation timeline as standard and we are as yet uncertain when that period will start. So please continue to be patient with us; we will keep everyone informed of our progress. Broadly our timeline is:

  1. Sign Post Office contract conditional upon our ability to raise the necessary funds.
  2. Complete due diligence and agree contract for acquisition of assets with Mrs Ford (Birkett Long [BL] engaged to undertake that work) by the end January/mid- February. We are very grateful to BL for a fixed fee accompanied by a good amount of pro bono work; and of course to the Community Council for a loan of £2,500 to enable this important legal step.
  3. Exchange of contracts between NCSL & Mrs Ford by mid-end February with legal completion conditional upon a successful share issue (say 10 working days after receipt of target funds).
  4. Distribute window stickers to Pledgees to thank them for their support and also to advertise the upcoming share issue. The current pledge total is £56,341. New pledges are still welcome! Our aim is for the broadest community ownership possible.
  5. Issue Share Prospectus March with funds to be submitted within 15 days. A public meeting will be held for all to attend at the time of the share issue.
  6. Following successful share issue proceed to completion of lease; transfer of business; stock valuation and payment for stock.
  7. Formal meeting with LEADER to accept grant (subject to signed PO contract and completion of lease with Mrs Ford).
  8. Building works commence. We will attempt to keep the Post Office open during the renovations if possible. Train volunteer staff in parallel. This has proven to be a longer journey than expected, but gaining the PO contract was a massive milestone achieved. Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support and encouragement.

Liz Mellon, Director, Nayland Community Store Limited

Social Investment Tax Relief

The Company has obtained clearance from HMRC that the share issue will qualify for SITR (Social Investment Tax Relief). Attached is a note issued by HMRC explaining how tax relief may be sought by tax payers once the share issue has taken place

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